It is not about how much we are offered.

It all comes back to how much we are able to offer at a time. Develop your career with us at a cost that will not hurt your pockets.


On mission to develop your career

 It has never been easy before as today.
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Givers Academy

Givers Kindergarten

Let your child have the best of services. With our skilled teachers, expect the best foundation for your child.

Adult Learning

Have you had some academics progress or you just of school? With Givers Academy, we have made it possible for every one to have education at the cheapest cost. Have a certificate in PLE, Certificate in Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UCE) and Certificate in Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE).

Language Department

With our language tutors, become a linguistic Learn as many languages as you wish Let communication not be a problem because of language barrier. Enroll for any language of your choice at the cheapest rates ever.

Information Technology and Computing

In this world of emerging technologies, having basic to advanced knowledge in Information Technology is a key factor and soon becoming a must.

Why wait for change to force you get the skills?

Get on the move with our cheap IT programs and get the skills. Prepare for future JOB early enough so as not to get embarrassed with low skills and limited experience.

Our skills are just enough for your next JOB.